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Television producer and host, Evangelist Shannon Liddle, fully understands the life transforming effects that can occur as she encourages viewers who may be facing many of life's challenges and complexities through the means of declaring Biblical truths. Shannon Liddle created her TV show, "Speak Life" with the vision of teaching, training, and inspiring individuals who are in need of encouragement, direction, and motivation. Many viewers have received tremendous breakthrough after listening to and applying her powerful teachings towards their seemingly hopeless situations.

 "Life and death are in the power of the tongue" (Proverbs 18:21) so, always remember to "Speak Life!"- Evangelist Shannon Liddle

Speak Life is currently airing on KSCE - TV (reaching several million viewers) as well as airing throughout the week on “The Empowerment Television Network” . This program also airs weekly on Charter # 191 as well as Verizon # 39 in Denton, Texas.

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Visit my YouTube Channel to watch full-length episodes of my television show "Speak Life"!

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